Installation of elevators in buildings without a shaft

Installation of elevators in buildings without a shaft

If it is not possible to install an elevator in your building due to a lack of space, there are other options that can provide accessibility to your community.

Putting an elevator without a stairwell is possible

It is common to assume that it is not possible to install an elevator without a specific shaft or that the space available in your building is insufficient. However, despite the advances in accessibility in recent decades, there are still many buildings in the province of Malaga that do not have a lift.

But thanks to numerous subsidies, changes in regulations and a greater offer of solutions by elevator companies such as UPelevadores, today it is easier than ever.

If you want to have an elevator in your building, even if you do not have enough space, here are some options so that you can enjoy an elevator, regardless of the available interior space.

Solutions to be able to install an elevator without space

Modify the stair space

Modify the space of the stairs, as long as the minimum measures established by law are met, in order to create enough space for the installation of an elevator. In this way, the elevator can be integrated into the building without the need for a specific shaft

Use space in the patio of lights

A light well is a space commonly found in most buildings. If this patio is wide enough and allows direct access to the elevator, it may be an option to consider to install an elevator in your community of neighbors.

Install on the building facade

In the province of Malaga, more and more town halls are granting licenses to install lifts on the façade of buildings that do not have enough space inside or in the light well.

Give up part of the house

As a last option, according to Articles 9 and 17 of the Horizontal Property Law, part of the space of the neighbors’ homes could be taken in exchange for financial compensation to those affected.

Elevators with/without self-supporting structure

Model most in demand by our residential customers: an electric elevator with reduced consumption, high comfort and speed, low noise.

The structures with Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Modular Structures for normalized and special elevators, as well as the integral Rehabilitation of buildings without elevator, thanks to our accessibility models in Stair Reconstructions, offering the most suitable solution to our clients.

The Modular Structures offer multiple possibilities for Installation in buildings without elevators since it takes advantage of the stairwells with demolition included, exterior facades and even interior patios.

We ensure the maximum use of the space available for assembly, as well as the maximum guarantees of the work materials used.


  • MRL Gearless single phase (up to 630 kg).

  • automatic rescue

  • Velocity.

  • Low sound level.

  • Single phase option.

  • Available with engine room.


  • MRL Gearless single phase (up to 630 kg).

  • automatic rescue

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