Lift truck

Lift truck

Move your heavy loads from one place to another quickly and efficiently, reducing time and effort.

Technical characteristics of our forklifts

We offer a wide range of forklifts to meet the needs of any business or industry. Our forklifts are safe, reliable, and easy to use, making them the best choice for moving heavy loads quickly and efficiently. We also offer repair and maintenance services to ensure your forklift is always in top condition.


  • Drive system by means of a single effect hydraulic cylinder (diver type) with indirect thrust (ratio 2:1), with a nominal pressure of 90 bar.

  • Rated speed 0.10 m/s.

  • Semi-pre-assembled 24 V electric controller. For two stops, by means of an electronic board, or with a programmable automaton for three stops or more and for special options (slatted doors, leveling, etc.).

  • Non-slip steel floor.

  • Possibility of up to three boardings, in each one of the levels.

  • Three-phase or single-phase electric motor (depending on the model).

  • External surface button panels with mushroom stop.

  • Finished in “Gris Martelé”.

Security systems

  • Cable slack control with electrical safety contact.

  • End of travel safety contact.

  • Overpressure safety valve.

  • Hydraulic parachute.

  • Safety control by operating time.

  • Protection railing on the side of guides. (ONLY FOR MODEL PRH-1)


  • Rated speed 0.20 m/s.

  • Two-piece cylinder. Recommended with routes greater than 8 m (ratio 2:1).

  • Travels greater than 12 m in other ratios (consult).

  • Side protections.

  • Leveling: normal or with two motors. It keeps the platform flush with the floor during the loading and unloading processes.

  • Door security system by electric lock (recommended) or retractable cam.

  • Emergency rescuer.

  • Heating resistor.

  • Buttons to embed.

  • Chain traction system.

  • Supply of base separated from the chassis.

  • Anti-corrosion treatment by hot-dip galvanizing and stainless steel sheet finishes (consult other finishes).

  • Manual doors with one leaf, two leaves or articulated slats.

  • Cover-hole hatch mechanically activated by means of arches installed on the surface of the base.

Platform Plans 1


Platform Plans 2


Forklift maintenance and installation

At UPelevadores we offer customized solutions for the transport and lifting of loads using lifting platforms. We know how important it is to have good maintenance to avoid interruptions in your company or industry, which is why we offer a technical breakdown service to ensure the proper functioning of your forklifts.

Our maintenance service includes periodic reviews and preventive maintenance in accordance with current regulations, advice and technical assistance to solve any failure that may occur, telephone service and a Civil Liability policy.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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