Projects and Products

Nicolas Motor

Nicolas motor, cabin decoration.

Blue Cab

Positional, M20 Camel Products.


PZA ISTAN STRUCTURE, Bermudez self-supporting structure. “KEY IN HAND”

Project “All Included”

Building, structure, etc.


Great variety of cabin decoration for different lifts,
we adapt to any design or finish.


The modernization of the elements of an elevator represent
a renewal of the image of the building as well as an improvement
in performance in riding comfort.


Great variety of lifts for different fields, spaces, traffic,
dimensions etc.  Vandal resistant camera with recorder from 400 €.

Stairlift platforms

Elimination of architectural barriers in buildings

Vertical elevators, Big Path

Designed to remove architectural barriers in places such as houses, offices, shops and public assembly buildings.


The stairlift maintains its famous quality and exceptional performance that make silent, reliable and easy to use.

In-Cockpit Screens with News Carousel

3D sensor for in-cockpit screens with news carousel