Elevators for Single Family Homes

Elevators for single-family homes

Electric or hydraulic? If you do not know which home elevator best suits what you are looking for, we advise you without obligation.

Advantages of our home elevators


Designed for home use. All security systems are designed for safe movement in your home.


Gain in quality of life and improve accessibility. Considerable revaluation of your home.

Easy assembly

Very quick and easy assembly. Very little available space is needed in the home for its installation (from 1×1 m).


Our elevators for private homes are respectful with the environment, since they have low energy consumption.


Homelift, specially designed for small, low-rise single-family homes that are not intensive in passenger traffic.


  • Adapted to European regulations.

  • Optimum use of space.

  • Low consumption.

  • Monophase.

  • With or without cabin doors.

Home elevator maintenance

Do you need help adapting your lift or elevator to current regulations? At Ascensores UPelevadores we have a specialized team that can help you. It is important to remember that the regulations for lifts and lifts in single-family homes are regularly updated to ensure the safety of all users.

For your domestic elevator to be in order, it must be registered with the RAE, pass an inspection every six years by the OCA and have a maintenance contract.

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