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Stairlifts comfort and safety

The stairlift comes with all the comfort and safety features of all of our products. Due to its unique modular rail system, it can be assembled and installed in really fast times.

With a built-in soft start and stop mechanism, it provides you with a comfortable and smooth ride every time. You can be sure that your stairlift will always be ready to use thanks to its built-in rechargeable batteries; even in the event of a power outage.

While not in use, it can be folded; Its slimline design and exclusive internal parking capacity guarantee that the stairs are not obstructed, allowing other members of the family to use them normally.

The unique self-leveling carriage system moves the stairlift’s undercarriage along a low-profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed and angle of the seat according to the curve, ensuring a smooth ride. The electronic programming of the stairlift guarantees optimal operation at all times.

Stairlifts is a practical solution

Stair lift plan

Stair lift plan


Stair lift

Improve mobility in your community of neighbors and housing. In addition, the installation is quick as it does not require civil works. You can enjoy it in just a few hours.

Advantages of installing a stair lift

Stairlifts are a tool designed to eliminate architectural barriers in homes and shared property buildings. These chairs are very useful for people with mobility disabilities and help them go up and down stairs with ease. However, they are not a universal accessibility solution, as people in wheelchairs still need assistance to get into or out of the chair and do not have the autonomy to use it on their own.

At UPelevadores, we offer various models of stairlifts to adapt to different types of straight and curved stairs with inclination changes.

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