Maintenance (UNE Standard)

The UNE Standard is a standard that establishes terms and definitions for the maintenance area.

Maintenance includes activities and tasks to maintain, repair or improve elements, systems or equipment in order to prolong their useful life and guarantee their proper functioning. The standard aims to provide a common basis for the use of terms and definitions in the area of maintenance.

Is maintenance mandatory?

Maintenance of automatic doors is mandatory in accordance with what is indicated in the Technical Building Code (Order VIV/ 984/2009 of April 15, page 28 of 43). Specifically, in the Basic Document on Security of use and accessibility BD-SUA with comments from the Ministry of Public Works, in section SUA 2, point 1.2, section 2 (page 31). As specified in this document, in relation to the installation, use and maintenance of industrial, commercial, garage doors and gates, it refers us to compliance with the UNE-EN 12635:2002+A1:2009 standard.

Each door installed must have:

Installation, use and maintenance manuals
Maintenance book
Plate with the CE marking (mandatory on motorized doors manufactured since 1995 and manual since 2005).

Declarations of conformity and/or performance (depending on the year of manufacture)

The maintenance book is essential to specify the maintenance (preventive and corrective) carried out and any possible incidents or replacement of components that have been carried out. In the case of a door that does not have a maintenance book and/or maintenance manual, this should be carried out by the company that performs said maintenance in accordance with the provisions of the UNE-EN 12635 and UNE 85635 standards (it is currently under review).

Although there is no national legislation that establishes the obligation for the owner or holder to have a maintenance contract, it is highly recommended to have one, since it is the contractual document before an inspection that establishes the commitment that the maintenance is being carried out. conducting.

Infographic UNE 85635


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